FIGmd Introduces IRIS Registry App

FIGmd is pleased to announce the launch of its IRIS Registry App. The app brings performance measures to the point-of-care, enabling ophthalmologists to deliver the best care possible and score 100% on every performance measure.

From a mobile device, a physician can use the app to bring up the day’s patient schedule and the applicable measures for each patient. The system then uses an algorithm to evaluate the patient’s clinical data and Appropriate Use Criteria to identify quality improvement interventions.

FIGmd President and CEO, Sanket Baralay stated, “The IRIS Registry App enables opthalmologists to unobtrusively integrate technology and data-driven intelligence into the patient care experience. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this innovation”.

Benefits of the using the point-of-care app include bringing quality measures to the attention of the physician; increased quality of care and enhanced health outcomes; avoidance of errors and negative events; improved efficiency; cost-savings; and physician and patient satisfaction.

FIGmd, Inc. provides clinical data registry, analytics and data reporting solutions to medical practices, specialty societies, medical professional associations, hospitals, health systems and more. With zero impact on workflow, FIGmd’s technologies, solutions and customization capabilities allow organizations to massively scale their projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. For more information on how FIGmd’s solutions can result in productive and actionable data, visit

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