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Have All The Data, All In One Place.
Our FIGcentris platform enables hospitals, health systems and ACOs to consistently measure, monitor, improve and report clinical quality across all clinical domains within the entire health care enterprise. It simply does not get any easier.

Satisfy All Your Reporting Needs with Zero Impact on Clinical Workflow

FIGcentris offers seamless, direct integration with more than 60 different EMR/EHR systems and related practice management systems. It operates regardless of the EMR/EHR a care provider has, or doesn’t have. FIGcentris also has remote integration capabilities, is extremely intuitive, requires no upfront training and will not disrupt daily workflow.

All this integration enables FIGcentris to serve as a central and unified data reporting hub that can cater to a multitude of reporting requirements. With the platform’s data management and format capabilities, all entities can easily comply with reporting requirements from the myriad of entities demanding their clinical data.

FIGcentris eliminates the burden of meeting requirements relating to PQRS, Meaningful Use Stage 2 menu objectives, the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program, ACO reporting, value-based contracting and more.

get-betterThe analytical power of FIGcentris is transformational. Now, previously untapped data can be a reliable source for meaningful and actionable practices that improve the coordination of care and reduce costs.

Take advantage of a customizable dashboard with drill down capabilities that expose previously unknown insights. Target opportunities for improvement and savings at the specialty, sub-specialty and physician levels. Conduct patient cohort modeling based on co-morbidities, events, demographics and more. And deploy patient engagement and patient-reported outcomes measures.

Use FIGmd’s single solution to get all the care, quality and performance measures, as well as the revenue and cost-saving opportunities, that are vital to productive decision-making.

Put Point-of-Care Performance Measurement in Their Hands

FIGmd now brings performance measures to the point-of-care, enabling physicians to deliver the best care possible and score 100% on every performance measure.

From a mobile device, a physician can use the app to bring up the day’s patient schedule and the applicable measures for each patient. The system then uses an algorithm to evaluate the patient’s clinical data and Appropriate Use Criteria to identify quality improvement interventions.

Benefits of the using the point-of-care app include bringing quality measures to the attention of the physician; increased quality of care and enhanced health outcomes; avoidance of errors and negative events; improved efficiency; cost-savings; and physician and patient satisfaction.


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