Sanket Baralay
President and CEO
Sanket is a Health IT expert, innovator and entrepreneur. As the head of FIGmd he has pioneered groundbreaking products, processes and services and has established partnerships with some of the country’s largest medical societies. Prior to FIGmd, Sanket led business and technology companies that focused on developing and delivering solutions for the healthcare industry.

Siddhi Baralay, Pharm.D, RPh
Chief Operations Officer
Siddhi began her career in the pharmaceutical industry working for Walgreens. She left the retail sector to step into a different role at FIGmd. Now, Siddhi leads the development of global initiatives intended to leverage FIGmd’s process and technology expertise to improve healthcare in India and other countries. She also oversees day-to-day operations involving client management, services and support.

Tim Parr
VP of Technology
With 30 years of healthcare IT management experience, Tim has an extensive understanding of technology in both ambulatory and acute care environments. This breadth of knowledge provides insight and leadership for the FIGmd team to better understand the complex technical challenges facing the healthcare industry today. Tim’s focus is on the development of processes and infrastructure to ensure FIGmd continues to innovate and exceed client expectations.

T.E. Rajagopal (Raj)
General Manager
Experience that includes software architecture and development; research and development; application delivery; data center operations; and product launches makes Raj an invaluable resource to FIGmd. He has more than 25 years as a senior executive in the information technology field with the last 13 years as a senior executive in the healthcare information technology arena.

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