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Let’s Create One of the Country’s Most Trusted and Effective Clinical Data Registries. From single practices to networks to the largest societies in the country, we can help you get the most from your clinical data quickly, simply and cost-effectively.


FIGmd’s industry-leading, breakthrough technologies make clinical data registries simple to implement, easy to use and a pleasure to become a part of. And that’s why we operate the largest clinical data registries in the country. Gone are paper forms and web-based data entries. In their place is FIGconverge, our registry platform that operates regardless of the EHR a care provider has, or doesn’t have. It has remote integration capabilities, is extremely intuitive, requires no upfront training and will not disrupt daily workflow. Now, with the FIGconverge, members can effortlessly measure and improve healthcare quality.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
FIGmd has built FIGconverge in a modular and scalable manner to offer versatility and flexibility. Because we understand the elements that are common to registry architecture and data capture, we can also efficiently customize processes to handle unique needs and processes. The result is a dramatically reduced cost of registry build out, deployment and ramp-up.

Direct EHR Interface for Ease of Use
FIGconverge has an efficient and accurate automated data extraction engine that interfaces with EHR systems and is workflow neutral and completely unobtrusive. Data is directly extracted from EHRs and fed into FIGconverge for quality measurement and improvement. Utilizing EHRs data, we eliminate the burden of participation on the physician. It should be no surprise then that registries utilizing the FIGconverge platform grow exponentially.


One of the biggest challenges for new and existing clinical registries is to drive value beyond quality measurement and improvement. Our FIGinsight platform addresses that challenge with extensive interoperability with more than 70 EMR/EHR systems. This allows registry owners, participants and even patients to go far beyond quality measurement and improvement, and actually tap into meaningful performance measures.

Turn Data Into Intelligence
FIGinsight also has simplicity built in. With little to no training, seamless interfaces that provide great fidelity, meaningful and context-sensitive data are at your disposal. So too are top-level performance metrics with drilldown capabilities that expose what had previously been untapped data. It’s a user experience with unmatched results.

Managed Analytics Services
As a part of our Managed Analytics Service, we dedicate a team of bio-statisticians to your project. They work as an extension of your team and enable to you to fast track the research, publication and discovery process. Services also include leveraging data to: validate clinical trial results, perform treatment/therapy utilization analysis, conduct post market surveillance, enable clinical trial recruitment, develop quality measure improvements, administer structured data creation review, run bio-surveillance and complete other analytical services as needed or desired.


Our FIGshare platform gives registries the phenomenal opportunity to serve as a central data reporting hub that can cater to the multitude of reporting requirements of participants. With FIGshare’s data management and format capabilities, participants can easily meet and exceed statutory reporting requirements from the myriad of entities demanding their clinical data.

Interactive Dashboard
Customizable dashboards provide access to everything from performance measurements and comparisons to analytics and outcomes. Interactive tools increase usability and flexibility and put pertinent and actionable metrics at the user’s fingertips.

Data Distribution Solution
Meaningful use requirements and a wide variety of initiatives continually increase the need for physicians to report their data, and that increases the burden put upon them as well. FIGshare simplifies the process by enabling reporting to CMS/HHS initiatives including PQRS and Meaningful Use Stage 2 menu options. Physicians can also quickly and efficiently transfer data to MOC programs, adhere to prescribed data sampling methodologies, quality standards and more. And finally, physicians can also submit data to ACOs, IPOs and IPAs.

Registry Access
FIGshare includes a secure set of software functionalities that can be easily used by registry participants and other stakeholders. This unique feature enables deep integration of the registry into on-premise needs like clinical decision support and value-based payment. Registry access also enables subscribers to get constant access to a vast library of benchmarks based on various cohort restriction methods.


Put Point-of-Care Performance Measurement in Their Hands

FIGmd now brings performance measures to the point-of-care, enabling physicians to deliver the best care possible and score 100% on every performance measure.

From a mobile device, a physician can use the app to bring up the day’s patient schedule and the applicable measures for each patient. The system then uses an algorithm to evaluate the patient’s clinical data and Appropriate Use Criteria to identify quality improvement interventions.

Benefits of the using the point-of-care app include bringing quality measures to the attention of the physician; increased quality of care and enhanced health outcomes; avoidance of errors and negative events; improved efficiency; cost-savings; and physician and patient satisfaction.

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