In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently.

We do this by making Clinical Data Registries simple to implement, easy to use and a pleasure to become a part of.

We passionately believe that CDRs cannot improve patient care unless they are demystified, simplified and are cost effective. Quality should become a habit, not a mystery, not a burden, not an overhead.

Innovation is our obsession, building great products – our reason for being. We have pioneered technology that simplifies EHR/HIS interfaces and enables CDRs to rapidly scale with meaningfully homogeneous data.

Our products enable care providers to easily participate in CDRs with no workflow disruptions. We enable all providers to measure healthcare quality regardless of the EHR they have or don’t have. Our platform is extremely intuitive and requires no upfront training. To top this off, we offer comprehensive managed services including turnkey registry management, data analytics, and reporting.

We continue to raise the bar by building technologies that are making clinical quality measurement an active part of the point of care. We will not rest until data driven healthcare quality improvement becomes pervasive and the new normal.

We welcome you to join us in pushing the boundaries, thinking differently, and making the impossible, possible!