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Let your data work for you in ways you never thought possible. With our unique combination of technological innovation and industry expertise, we’ve developed breakthrough solutions that make what used to be very complex, very simple.

With zero impact on workflow, our data collection, measurement, analysis and reporting solutions let you unleash the power of your data. Easily meet meaningful use criteria, then go beyond with performance measurements and comparisons to analytics and outcomes.

Whether you’re a single practice or hospital, specialty society or health care network, we’re here to help you make your data simply empowering.


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Surveillance Notice
This FIGMD registry platform is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. FIGMD Registry Platform Version 7.0, Certification #IG-3126-16-0041 Certification Criteria: 170.315(c)(1), 170.315(c)(2), 170.315(c)(3), 170.315(c)(4), 170.315(d)(1), 170.315(d)(2), 170.315(d)(3), 170.315(d)(5), 170.315(d)(7), 170.315(f)(1), 170.315(f)(2), 170.315(f)(3), 170.315(f)(4), 170.315(f)(6), 170.315(f)(7), 170.315(g)(4), 170.315(g)(5), Clinical Quality Measures:CMS002, CMS009, CMS022, CMS026, CMS030, CMS031, CMS032, CMS050, CMS052, CM053, CMS055, CMS056, CMS060, CMS061, CMS062, CMS064, CMS065, CMS066, CMS068, CMS069, CMS071, CMS072, CMS073, CMS074, CMS075, CMS077, CMS082, CMS090, CMS091, CMS100, CMS102, CMS104, CMS105, CMS107, CMS108, CMS109, CMS110, CMS111, CMS113, CMS114, CMS117, CMS122, CMS123, CMS124, CMS125, CMS126, CMS127, CMS128, CMS129, CMS130, CMS131, CMS132, CMS133, CMS134, CMS135, CMS136, CMS137, CMS138, CMS139, CMS140, CMS141, CMS142, CMS143, CMS144, CMS145, CMS146, CMS147, CMS148, CMS149, CMS153, CMS154, CMS155, CMS156, CMS157, CMS158, CSM159, CMS160, CMS161, CMS163, CMS164, CMS165, CMS166, CMS167, CMS169, CMS171, CMS172, CMS177, CMS178, CMS179, CMS182, CMS185, CMS188, CMS190.

There is a one time annual licensing fee charged for the base product. Any changes to the base product will incur additional charges depending on the requirements. There will be fixed annual recurring charges for support and maintenance. There are no additional charges for interfacing with any EMR application. This version of the product has no known limitations.

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