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IntelligentProvider Solutions

Being at the forefront of care delivery, you as a provider organization need all the insights that you can get to make the right decisions at the point of care. Your data, however, is spread across multiple systems used across multiple locations & departments, often even outside your own systems, effectively rendering your analytical programs less effective & insights slow to arrive. Trying to balance between rendering the best care and the triad of regulatory needs, care measures & financial performance requires that you have timely access to meaningful insights.

Over 100,000+ providers rely on our expertise to balance between optimizing daily clinical operations and incentivized performance programs. We empower health systems such as yours to drive outcomes - be it improved health outcomes, cost reduction or revenue enhancement.

FIGMD® provides downloadable and online software solutions that create, collect, and process data into customizable, searchable databases which then produce custom-made reports to our provider organizations.


Access data that matters,

improve care quality, enhance incentive performance

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Scalable Interoperability and Connectivity Solutions
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Clinical Quality Measurement and Reporting


With 250+ Health IT Systems

FIGmd allows you to easily exchange clinical and claims data with its smart connectivity solution that works both on premise & cloud hosted


For FHIR & All Industry Formats

Support for your patient information in CCDA, PDF, XML, HL7, .CSV, FHIR and custom flat files


Data Across Your Network

Converge your clinical narratives (structured & unstructured) across distributed systems for meaningful visibility


Quality Measure System

Develop custom measures, provide industry ready quality solutions & be successful in reporting MIPS, ACO, CPC+, PCMH, HEDIS amongst others


Cost Management

Connect with multiple specialty registries, provide point of care gap reports & give back clinical time to providers while enhancing care quality


From Deep Analytics

Access user friendly dashboards for visibility across current performance & to manage value based contracts. Extract value from ML/AI driven analytics solution to optimize value-based payment revenue


Clinical Quality

Integrate into your clinical care workflows, extract clinical notes & maintain standard documentation practice to derive insights & support over 700 quality measures


Clinical Data Workflows

Export data in QRDA3, CCDA formats & be submission compliant. Allow information extraction via Artificial Intelligence based OCR solutions for cost savings


Real-Time Patient Scorecards

Access web & mobile friendly tools to manage measure performance, off-target patients, deeper drill downs that help reduce readmissions, close gaps, increase patient satisfaction & improve incentives


Medical Record Management

Automate medical record requests, eliminate redundant requirements & bring in an efficient, simple consent-based record access management to reduce administrative burden


Participation in Multi-Payer Incentive Program

Provide quicker additional documentation requested by payers to close claims faster & reduce payment delays


Patient Relations

Automate medical record request management making it easier for your patients to access their record of care quickly & improve patient trust & loyalty

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Care Gaps Management
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Medical Record Management

Polaris is a CMS approved Qualified Registry (QR) for MIPS/MVP reporting. With Polaris, eligible clinicians and practices can report across all MIPS/MVP quality measures, as well as attest for all ACI measures. Polaris extends the advantage of FIGmd technology to all provider practices, including those who do not directly participate in FIGmd clinical data quality reporting programs.

FIGmd integrates with 200+ Health IT systems and implements best-in-class technology, tools and processes to simplify, automate and optimize your clinical data quality reporting.