IntelligentSolutions for Specialty Societies & Registries

Intelligent Solutions for Medical Specialty Societies & Registries

As a specialty society, you are an essential resource for your providers who count on you for access to a vast patient registry, peer-to-peer benchmarking, meeting regulatory requirements, timely & apt clinical insights & ongoing provider education. The evolving regulatory landscape also requires you to innovate your business model while continuing to serve your existing provider base & offering additional membership benefits.

Leverage FIGmd's well-proven expertise in building specialty society infrastructure to improve quality, enhance practice guidelines, publish clinical research based on data & drive efficiency by managing costs and delivering revenue.

Simplify registry management,

improve care-coordination, and enhance provider engagement

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Quality Payment Program
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Patient Reported Outcomes
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Data Lake & Reporting


In Clinical Quality Programs

Benefit from FIGmd's decade worth of provider partnerships to enhance your quality reporting submissions, access to clinical data via 250+ Health IT system connections & be successful in MIPS, APM, QPP and Non-QPP programs


To Smart Dashboard

Help your provider teams to adopt quality measures, get them access to QCDR, best practices from 20 specialties 25 registries & dashboard to track, act & submit quality measures


Performance Measures

Establish customized quality measures, reduce administrative burden associated with clinical data quality reporting, & set-up provider performance systems


Patient Reported Outcomes

Deploy simple, integrated PRO solutions to communicate & capture patient feedback to derive value & care processes


To Quick Click Dashboard

Experience quick, easy-to-use survey modules for 19+ specialties, available across multiple modalities- web, mobile, tablets & desktops customized to reduce provider staff's cognitive overload


Care Coordinated Program

Utilize PRO insights to enhance care coordination pathways, analytical models, quality reporting, the fee for submission, provider ratings and improve patient outcomes


Big Data Solution

Develop well defined, documented database schema to large data stores powered by Apache Hive and Google Cloud Platform Big Data Technologies


Compliant Multi-Purpose Platform

Access HIPAA compliant environment to run analytics and benefit from secure, scalable architecture


Care Gaps

Close care gaps, provide timely "not-met" analysis reports, improve provider partnerships via automated EHR notification to improve physician’s patient panel, and reconciliation, quality scores